My Story

Always is based on true incidents from my life.

Sending you back to the fifties, sixties and seventies ALWAYS creates a romantic atmosphere of a bygone era. Set between exotic India and the lush Hunter Valley of Australia, and based on true incidents, this poignant historic romance novel will warm your heart and bring a tear to the eye.

Georgia, a young girl born in the forties of Anglo-Indian origin to wealthy socialite parents, grows up in India at the end of the British-Raj rule. After a lonely childhood in boarding school and rejection from her parents at the age of seventeen, Georgia is seeking love. True love.

What she finds is not what she expected.

Joshua’s World was written for my 7-year-old grandson who is an expert on Minecraft.

He uses his skills developed in Minecraft to conquer his World and save it and his brothers, from the baddies.

The book won an Honouree award 2019 in the Book Excellence Literary Awards. I hope many kids enjoy Joshua's adventures.

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Liam Shark Boy was inspired by my 4½-year-old grandson who loves all creatures big and small, but particularly Sharks!

I was never more surprised when it won a Silver Medal in the prestigious eLit Book Awards 2016 and an Honouree Award in the Book Excellence Awards 2018. Since then, it has sold over 7,000 copies and many little boys have told me they would like to have Liam's magic eyes ... some say they do :)


10% of all children's book sales go to Third World Children for food, clothing and school supplies.

These children have no classroom, just an enormous undercover area with a concrete floor. In winter the wind blows through and in summer it is very hot. They have few picture books. They write on slates, always shared (no paper), but they are happy and eager to attend ‘school’. They remain quiet when asked to, they wait their turn, patiently. They look after each other and comfort a child who may be crying or upset or stop to pick up someone who may have fallen over. They share what they are given to eat. These children have so little, yet they are so happy and contented.

I started a Facebook Author Page, which quickly gleaned over 4,500 followers. The popular posts developed into the Book of Inspirations, When Love Finds You featuring Famous On-screen Lovers. Now it is on coffee tables around the world to spread love and light. ♥

My readers asked for more, so I designed a set of heart-cards, The Well of True Gestures to help couples bond in their relationship.

The true romantic things in life are those little things you do every day to show you care, and that you are thinking of your significant other. Romance isn’t about buying, it’s about giving.

True Romance is in the Gestures.



When Love Finds You - It will be the Best Thing to Happen to You!