Joshua's World: Children's Fantasy Adventure Ages 6 - 10

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The grass is green, the sun is out, and the gaming World is growing. There are so many new and exciting games just waiting to be played. Today, every child knows how to play on the computer, online, or on their phone.

There is one game that exists, though, that has been hidden in secret for many years. It is powerful, exciting and very dangerous. You see, you can get trapped inside.

Only the most prominent leaders have ever heard of it, and only the indomitable can escape it. Just a few are given the chance to play this game, and it changes their lives forever. This is not an ordinary game that is controlled from the Xbox controllers or with the click of a mouse. This game is alive. It chooses the player, as soon as that person begins to play the game. The game is in control.

Many scientists tried to control, or even destroy, the game but it was no use, and soon WorldKing disappeared. A few have been a part of the World since then, but it was said that the game was lost forever.

But … the game always knows how to find the gamer. It is only a matter of time.
The day WorldKing found a very special boy was the day that would change the game forever. His name is Joshua, and this is his World.