Books for Kids: Liam Shark Boy

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Four-and-a-half-year-old Liam loves all Marine Creatures, but particularly SHARKS.

Liam’s fantasy is to be able to embark on underwater ocean adventures and talk to Sharks.

One sunny day, when he goes fishing with his Dad, he meets Dearborn, a Great Whale Shark. To Liam’s great surprise his eyes begin to shine with amazing magical beams, which enables him to talk to Dearborn! The Big Shark tells him he is a special Shark Boy and they have been waiting for him to come to their world.

Together with his Granddad, Liam embarks on a Marvelous Adventure full of fun in the Deep Sea, with Goutomi the Japanese Stingray, Maximillian Forbes, the very posh Lion Fish and Pufferbee the little Prickle Puffer-fish!
An exciting, adventure bedtime story book for children ages 4 to 8 who love marine life.

This beautifully illustrated book about a Shark is the first in the series of Liam Shark Boy’s adventures. The pictures of fish and the ocean animals teach curious children about the habits of the sea animals in a fun way.