Stephanie Marie Roberts writes children's books and romance.

She is a Book Excellence Literary Award Winner and Silver Medallist for 'Joshua's World' and 'Liam Shark Boy'. She started writing for her little grandsons Joshua and Liam, which grew into writing for all the kids of the world!

Stephanie is also an incurable romantic. She was born in India in post Second World War days when children were seen but not heard, to parents of Anglo-Indian origin. Her father served as a dive bomber and fighter pilot in the India and Burma theatres of war during the Second World War. She has just released a heart-warming historic romance novel 'Always' based on true incidents from her life.

Two beautifully illustrated books: a coffee table book of inspirations 'When Love Finds You' and her heart book 'The Well of True Gestures' helps couples bond in their relationship.

Stephanie lives on the beautiful Central Coast of Australia with her retired secret-service husband Chris and sixteen-year-old pampered Cocker Spaniel Harvey. Dogs are her passion and she must have a dog under her feet when she writes.


Based on true incidents.

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Sending you back to the fifties, sixties and seventies ALWAYS creates a romantic atmosphere of a bygone era. Set between exotic India and the lush Hunter Valley of Australia, and based on true incidents, this poignant historic romance novel will warm your heart and bring a tear to the eye.

Georgia, a young girl born in the forties of Anglo-Indian origin to wealthy socialite parents, grows up in India at the end of the British-Raj rule. After a lonely childhood in boarding school and rejection from her parents at the age of seventeen, Georgia is seeking love. True love.

What she finds is not what she expected.


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